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"Probate in Virginia"

Comparison Charts of Funeral Home Rates and discount providers

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These are some of the duties of committee members.


  • Serve as phone contact for people inquiring about the chapter or their options for disposition
  • Make contacts in the community (churches, senior centers, community centers, etc) to schedule one of our presentations
  • Think up other ways to increase membership


  • Talking to local organizations
  • Use an already created PowerPoint presentation as a guide
    (approximately 45-60 minutes)
  • Media (newspaper articles, radio, health fairs, etc.)


  • Work on our newsletter to be published at least once a year
  • Research other local chapter Newsletters
  • Research relevant materials to include in newsletter
    (there’s a lot on the


  • Help manage our website
  • Research other chapter websites and for material


  • Get a written General Price List by contacting local (Southside and the Peninsula) funeral homes, cremation societies, and cemeteries (by mail--using a letter the FCA has drafted, by phone, or by visiting in two person teams). 
  • Create spreadsheets from a template with this information. 


  • Finding a speaker or determining a topic
  • Securing a location and date
  • Creating a flier announcing the meeting
  • Notifying local newspapers


  • Maintain chapter funds
  • Identify funding objectives (what do we want to use the money for)
  • Identify ways to increase our funds (e.g. member solicitation)


  • Follow and report on relevant and pending state legislation.
  • Lobby for consumer funeral interests at the state level


  • Review all our written materials (i.e. brochures) and update as necessary
  • Review guidebook to be sure we are doing all we can.  Suggest changes for our local group 
  • Update bylaws

 For more info or if you have questions, our contact info is at the top of this page