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SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016


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I’m sure we’ve all heard something like this: “My Mom died without a Will! Why should she have created one and what headaches would that have saved me? Should she have created a Will or a Revocable Living Trust (RLT)? Is one better? What is probate? My kids are over 18; how do I protect their inheritance, as they are still somewhat immature? What if my kids are under 18 and both my spouse and I die at the same time? Should I name a “guardian”? Should I name a “trustee”? I’ve remarried—how do I handle giving some part of my estate to my second spouse and my kids by my first marriage?


or this

"I’m healthy and a great driver and I don’t worry about accidents or hospital stays, because my spouse is on everything. So why should I bother with a Power of Attorney (POA)? What “powers” would my POA have? Are my adult children my best option? But I have 3 of them! Which one to choose…. and what if that child isn’t available when I need him/her? And what if I get really, really mad at the one I’ve chosen and I want to revoke that POA?"

Come hear long time FCAT member Malcolm Higgins, a local estate-planning attorney, give us his road map on what steps you need to take to manage situations like these and more.

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If you are interested in having FCAT come talk to your group, we offer a free 45-60 minute presentation “Are You Good to Go” about FCAT, along with an overview on funeral planning options. Please contact us at smartfunerals@gmail.com or at 428-5134.