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"Putting My House
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and assets

Medical Directory

Living Will and Power of Attorney

Dealing Creatively
with Death

by Ernest Morgan,
$14.95 value

"Probate in Virginia"

Comparison Charts of Funeral Home Rates and discount providers

"Body Donation to Science"


Brochures on:
funeral planning,
saving funeral dollars,
and cremation

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Join the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Tidewater

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization serving Hampton Roads residents and are dedicated to helping people plan dignified, meaningful and affordable funeral arrangements.  We achieve this goal through consumer-education outreach, including group presentations, printed materials, newspaper articles, local price surveys and membership benefits.  Our membership is open to all, and we have no financial ties to the funeral industry.

 How you benefit

  • OBJECTIVITY You get advice from knowledgeable volunteers, who are not trying to sell you funeral services.
  • CARING  You help your family avoid the stress of making difficult decisions during a time of grief.
  • DIGNITY   You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.
  • SECURITY  You enjoy the convenience of pre-planning without the risks of pre-payment.
  • CONFIDENCE  You are able to shop for services with full knowledge of your consumer rights.
  • KNOWLEDGE  You become an educated consumer, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

When you join, you get a Funeral Planner Packet with information on cremation, burial choices, cemetery options, legal/consumer rights, FCAT planning forms, price survey of area funeral services, informative pamphlets, and the book Dealing Creatively With Death.  You’ll also be notified of our Annual Meeting in the Spring.


Individual - $20

Two people at the same address - $30

Transfer fee - $5

Please help and include an additional contribution to FCAT to help support our programs.

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