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Common funeral myths

Funerals: A consumer's guide (FTC)

Earth burial - a tradition in simplicity

Prepaying your funeral - benefits and dangers

A word about burial liners - written by a grave digger

Monumental manipulation

Green burial

Caring for your own dead

Caskets - everything the mortician won't tell you and some better places to shop

Simple and cheap, my father said - by the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

Lay me to rest in a plane pine box - one mother's letter to her children

Cremation explained

Common cremation myths: Scatter-brained - all about cremation and what's left

Light, like the sun - an essay on cremation

What shall we do with the ashes?

How to inspect a crematory for above-board operation

Death away from home

Eco-friendly funeral choices

Organ, tissue and body donation

What you should know about embalming

Dead bodies and disease - the danger that does not exist

How to help grieving people

No one wants to talk about death - how to help

History of the funeral consumer movement

Organ, tissue and body donation

Body donation in VA 

Organ and tissue donation in Hampton Roads

4 step funeral planning - where to start when you don't know how to start

How to read a funeral home's general price list

Common funeral myths

Funerals are for the living
(“Did you forget the most important part of funeral planning?”)

"Simple and cheap, my father said" - by the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

"Lay me to rest in a plane pine box" - one mother's letter to her children

The pitfalls of preneed  (prepaying)

Viewing and visitation - the difference

Planning for a memorial service

“Facing Death,” a Frontline documentary examining today’s complicated end-of-life decisions, is available online at: